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How to Fix TH115 Error Message: “ER” Floor Heating Thermostat


Fixing the Issue

There is a disconnection between the thermostat and the heating element. A licensed electrician must check to make sure that the thermostat is properly connected to the heating element. Also, make sure the sensor probe is properly attached and hasn’t short-circuited.

Can’t Resolve the Issue? Here are the Next Steps

Double-checked error messages and system and your system is still not working properly?

Your next step is to have a licensed electrician take your resistance readings with a digital multi-meter. Be sure that when those readings are taken, your heating element model number is available (you can gather this information from your box or reseller if you do not have the box) in order to make sure that the readings taken are on target. The electrician must know to take three readings: line to line and both ground readings.

Once you have the results and the readings and heating element model number written down, call Warmup for support so a representative can assist in diagnosing the issue.


Further Questions?