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How do I Set the Time and Date on the Terra?

Setting the time and date on your Terra thermostat is crucial for ensuring proper program function. To assist you in this process, we provide various options for guidance. You can either watch the instructional video or follow the instructions provided below in short or long format to set the time and date. We aim to cater to your preferred learning style, making it convenient for you to set up your thermostat accurately.

For your convenience, you can choose to either watch the video or access our instructions in short format or long format below.

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Short Format Instructions to Set the Time and Date

  • Press the check mark to accept.
  • Use the arrows to navigate to the settings icon and press accept.
  • Press on the time and date icon.
  • Press accept to change the date.
  • Press the arrows to change the date. Press accept between each number to confirm.
  • Press the down arrow and accept to change the time.
  • Use the down arrow to select the time option you prefer and press accept. There is the 12-hour and 24-hour option to choose from.
  • Use the arrows to change the time. Press accept to confirm.
  • Use the “X” to return to the home screen.

For more detailed instructions, please refer to the full format below.

Full Instructions to Set the Time and Date

To begin setting the time and date on your Terra thermostat, start by pressing the check mark button to accept the current selection. Next, use the arrow buttons to navigate through the available options until you find the settings icon. The settings icon is represented by a gear. Once located, press accept to access the settings menu.

Within the settings menu, locate and press the time and date icon to access the date settings. You will be prompted to change the date, at which point you should press accept.

Adjust the month, day, and year by using the arrow buttons. After each adjustment, press accept to confirm your selection.

Next, press the down arrow and then accept to enter the time modification settings.

If you prefer the 24-hour time format, use the down arrow to select this option and press accept. Alternatively, there may also be a 12-hour option available. Choose the one that suits your preference.

Now, modify the time using the arrow buttons. Make sure to press accept after each adjustment to confirm the changes.

Once you have completed setting the time and date, it’s time to exit the settings menu. Locate the “X” button and press it to return to the home screen.

We hope these instructions assist you in setting the time and date on your Terra thermostat. For more helpful tips and information, subscribe to our YouTube channel. Our YouTube channel provides time-lapse videos, customer-requested tutorials, product unboxing, and more. Enjoy the convenience and comfort of your properly configured thermostat!

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