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Electric floor heating for your Kitchen

Kitchen appliances and heating system should be aligned to integrate seamlessly into the overall living space and heating requirements.

Why Underfloor heating in your Kitchen?

The kitchen is a family room, the hub of your home and probably the most lived-in room in the house. It is a place to meet at the start of the day and where the whole family spends time together, cooking, chatting and relaxing. Heat produced by cooking and the use of the oven warms the air and without the correct heating system, this space can quickly feel stuffy, not cosy.

In new homes this area is designed as a living space to better accommodate family and friends as an additional area for entertaining. Home owners of older properties often alter and enlarge these spaces to match their modern lifestyle and add value for resale purposes.

Electric floor heating is a popular choice with home owners looking to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of their kitchens.

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Electric floor heating for your kitchen case studies

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