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What is the EMF level of Warmup cables?

Our cable was tested and measured 0.5 mG at 1/2” (a typical distance between the cable and your feet). This measures at 1/200th of the acceptable value of 100 mG as established by the WHO and Intertek/ETL. It therefore complies with EN50366.

The “REET” test some manufacturers claim was sponsored by a specific manufacturer and actually does not give a reading but rather a “pass/fail” mention. This is essentially a marketing tool rather than a true engineering test. It is considered that under 100 mG there is no measurable impact on people.

EMF concerns were related to high frequency items such as industrial equipment and high voltage lines in residential areas. Not microwaves, cell phones or floor heating systems. The concern was addressed and confirmed nil, but some companies continue using it as a marketing tool. Human exposure to EMF is not an issue at these very low levels. 


Keeping in mind that floor heating industry products will measure around 2 to 3 mG (up to 19 mT for single-core cable) and at times below 1 mG, here are some comparative levels of EMF.


You will find EMF in high voltage lines and in your cell phone. Obviously at very different levels. The former is the subject of concern and research, the latter isn’t at all. And a floor heating system will measure at lower levels than the average cell phone.


When measuring the EMF of floor heating cables, the reading will vary whether measured on single-conductor or dual-conductor cables. So the important consideration as a consumer is whether you’re considering a “single core” or “dual core” cable product. All Warmup products are dual conductors.


At the end of the day, each company will boast various merits about its products. And you as a consumer must decide what matters most. Think of it as Toyota saying that the larger rearview mirrors of Volkswagen cars kill more insects on the highway. Is it true? Potentially. Does it matter? Not in your car-buying decision, unless you are an Entomologist.


Warmup advises to make product selections based on more important factors, such as warranty, heating output, speed of heating and quality of the controls supplied. All the products from the major players have been tested to very high standards.  


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