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How Long will my Electric Floor Heating System Take to Heat Up?

The length of time it takes to heat up your floor depends on a lot of factors, but a classic installation over ¾” plywood with NADWM mats would take about 30 minutes to heat from 60F to 80F. If you are using your floor heating system for the first time you may notice slower-than-usual heating times.

If you feel your system is not heating, Warmup recommends confirming the programming. Be sure that you are targeting a temperature higher than the current floor temperature. On the large temperature format setting, a triangle between *F/C and the words floor/air to the right of the large temperature acts as a heating indicator. When the triangle is present (must be on large temperature format) power is being sent through the thermostat.

If the heating indicator is on for several hours with no temperature change you may be experiencing heat loss to the subfloor or issues with your cables. If you feel you have a suitable subfloor (plywood or backer board, not above a crawl space) the best thing to do next is gathering resistance readings. You can always contact us for support over the phone.



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