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Can a wooden floating floor be installed directly over the Warmup NADWS system?

Warmup recommends embedding our floor heating system in a modified thin set or self-leveling compound when installing an NADWS system under a wooden floating floor.

First allow the thin set or floor leveler to cure/dry, then install your wooden floating floor on top. Ensure you are covering the heating cables with a minimum of 3/8” of a self-leveling compound.

wooden floating floor over Warmup heating system.

In addition, you should consider installing Warmup’s Foil Heating Mats, which do not require a thin set or floor leveler.  Please review the installation video for Foil installation procedures.

Install all floor finishes per the manufacturer´s instructions. With radiant heating, the floor covering is essentially part of the heating system. Therefore the most suitable floor coverings are those with a low thermal resistance, normally referred to as the R-value. Lastly, the Type and thickness of floor covering materials used with this product must not exceed a thermal insulation “R” value of 1.

Note: The under floor heating cables are NOT approved for direct contact with combustible material. In addition, the heating cable MUST always be embedded in the following before installing floating wood or laminate floors:

  • thinset
  • cement mortar
  • cement based adhesive glue
  • tile adhesive


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