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How do I set up the Terra WiFi Thermostat without WiFi?

Terra WiFi Thermostat

If you’d like to set up your Terra WiFi Thermostat without WiFi, follow the simple steps below or watch the following video:

  • Using the print manual for assistance, use the up and down arrows to select your system type icon
  • Click the tick to confirm the selection
  • Next, enter the input wattage
  • Click the tick after each number to confirm
  • Now select the thermostat application (1-12) using the print manual for assistance
  • Highlight the ‘X’ on the screen and confirm to setup without WiFi
  • Now use the arrows to input the date
  • Tick to confirm the date
  • Choose either a 24 Hour or 12 Hour time display
  • Now input the time using the arrows
  • Confirm the time


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