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How do I program my thermostat to stay on all night?

Following along to the custom programming video with the below tips in mind will allow you to successfully program your thermostat for overnight use.


Important: If you want your thermostat to heat all day and all night, you should go back and select fixed temperature under “Set Program”.

Period One

Once you have made it to :56, have period 1 start at 12:00 AM (dot on the bottom) and end whenever you leave the space for the day


Period Two and On

This will be the next time the system is on after the period 1 end time. If you are using the space throughout the day, for example, lunch or post-workout, you’ll put this time in as period 2. If you leave the space all day and do not return again until night, you can program using the two periods provided. If necessary, you can add a period easily in the bottom right corner.

No matter how many periods you have, the final period listed should start 30 minutes before you utilize the space at night and end at 11:45 PM (dot on the top). The next days program starting at 12:00 AM will keep the floor warm throughout the night.


Further Questions?