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Is it possible to put less leveler over the membrane?

We understand that to cover the membrane with 1/2”-3/4” of self-leveler is a lot of self-leveling, but it is necessary. If the self-leveling layer is too thin, it will cause the SL to shrink and pull-up the membrane.

Self-leveling is required to allow installation of small format tiles and other floor types such as glue-down wood and LVT’s, to be laid on top of the DCM-PRO System. When used, it must be a single pour, at least 10mm deep measured from the top of the castellation (total ½” pour). The leveling compound instructions will confirm if it is suitable for use over plastic/vinyl surfaces.

There is no requirement for the self-leveling compound when installing standard tiles.  The system will generally respond faster and perform better with tile adhesive and tiles applied directly over.

Tip from Warmup: Given the depth of the channels, the leveler must be suitable for use within the range of 10-16mm if applied evenly. To be safe, Warmup recommends leveler is suitable for at least 10-20mm to account for deviations.

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