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How-to: Programming Your Tempo Thermostat

Program Your Tempo Thermostat

Watch our Warmup – Tempo Thermostat Programming video to get a walk-through when setting up yours. We make sure to go through the steps of setting up your thermostat and have this readily available for anyone who may need it.

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About the Tempo Thermostat

The Tempo Programmable Thermostat is a simple heating control. It has a clear screen displaying program details, which enables you to quickly set your heating programs.

Simply program your Tempo Programmable thermostat settings, to suit individual requirements. Avoid wasting energy and achieve savings on utility bills, thanks to Warmup’s simplest heating control.

Its Proportional Adaptive Function learns the time it takes to warm the room. It activates the heating early, so it is up to the right temperature when needed.

Read our Warmup New Product Launch: Tempo® Thermostat press release from when we launched early 2018.


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