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Why does my thermostat set into open window function and decreases my set temperature?

Welcome to our informative post on learning more about the open window function on your Warmup Smart Thermostat. Follow along down below to read more about this function.

First, what is the open window function?

The open window function on your thermostat is designed to switch off heating to save energy when your thermostat detects that a window or door has been opened and the outside air temperature is significantly below the indoor temperature.


Why does my thermostat detect the open window function when my windows/ doors are closed?

Your thermostat may detect the open window function when your windows or doors are closed, which can be due to your air conditioning system(s). If your thermostat has a sudden drop in temperature, the thermostat “thinks” that there is a door or window open and will shut off the system to reduce energy. When an AC unit turns on, it can simulate the open window. Additionally, this will depend on where the AC outlet is in conjunction with your thermostat.

To resolve this issue, you can disable the open window detection function on your Warmup Smart Thermostat. For instance, on the 6iE, go to Settings > Heating Preference > Open Window Detection > Toggle Off.

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