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How many Mats or Amps can I connect to the CommBox?

The CommBox-600 is equipped with four (4) 50Amp 3-Phase relay contactors. This means that at 2-phase, you can connect up to 200 Amps worth of power, but at 3-phase, you can connect 150A per contactor. The relays are rated for 120-600 volts so the CommBox can be wired for 208, 277 and 480 using 3-Phase.

ResizedImage478287 Commbox 3

There is a 5th contactor that is set-up independently from the programming and sequencing. This is typically used as a dry-contact (although it is a 30A relay) for external contactors or to operate a small additional surface like a Roof & Gutter area.

Note: if wiring using 3-phase, the wiring to this controller will be in a “Y” configuration. 

Please refer to our installation manual for further reference.