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What type of wood subfloor is required for Warmup’s Peel-and-Stick products?

There is no subfloor requirement specifically for Warmup’s Peel-and-Stick; it can even be installed over Epoxy. However, the subfloor is required to be:

  • Level
  • Smooth
  • Clean

Warmup recommends the smoothest plywood possible, such as sanded plywood, with a primer* for the best results. If your subfloor is OSB (aka chipped board), it is required to use a primer*. Here are three (3) primers Warmup has tested and have performed very well (in no particular order).

It is also a good practice to apply pressure (e.g., 3-section roller rolled in both directions) to the Peel-and-Stick to ensure the adhesive makes complete contact with the subfloor for maximum adhesion.

*Follow the primer manufacturer’s instructions completely and pay close attention to the drying times. Installing the Peel-and-Stick in a primer that is not ready, will ‘skin’ over the Peel-and-Stick’s adhesive and it will no longer adhere properly.