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My sensor just sits there. What could be wrong?

There could be a number of issues. Here are a couple of tests to perform:


  1. Remove any connected remote control and monitor cabling. Confirm that the distant end leads of these cables are properly terminated and are not touching any metal surfaces or other leads.

  2. If the precipitation grip is getting hot this means power is making it to the unit. If not, check the onboard fuse and the input power wiring (the fuse is directly above the grid jack and can be replaced).

  3. Is the unit strapped for the correct input power? Running 240VAC into a unit strapped for 120VAC will normally blow the fuse and cause the precipitation grid to be cool. The fuse can easily be replaced if this happens. At the same time, running 120VAC into a unit strapped for 240VAC will warm the grid but not allow the unit to operate.

  4. Try turning the Delay adjustment down to the 9 o’clock position. This is a forced Manual On position. The load contactor should close. Return the Delay adjustment to its original position (whatever it was previously set at). The load contactor should open and the unit should function properly.