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How to Unregister your 4iE Thermostat

4iE Smart WiFi Thermostat

If you are moving or selling your home Warmup recommends logging into your My Heating account and deleting the rooms you have registered that you will no longer be using. Doing this will allow future renters and/or owners to register the device and access the 4iE’s WiFi capabilities.

You can easily remove rooms using the My Heating application or by visiting https://my.warmup.com/login on a desktop.

Warmup takes your privacy very seriously. If you do not delete the rooms you have registered the new user will not be able to access the unit via our online platforms.If your thermostat tells you that the device has already been registered please contact Warmup.

Mobile Device

If you are using your mobile device you will want to open the My Heating application to begin. Once you are on the home screen, select the 3 lines in the top left corner to open your menu. Select “Rooms” followed by the setting icon of the room you’d like to remove. Once your settings are displayed for the room you’d like to remove (room name, room type, thermostat language, main room) select the trash can at the top right corner. Press “Yes” to confirm you’d like to delete the room.


If you are using a desktop you will want to start by visiting https://my.warmup.com/login and logging into your My Heating account. Once logged in, confirm the location shown is the one you’d like to remove a room from. If yes, scroll down to find the room you’d like to delete. If no, click the location name displayed to provide a dropdown displaying other locations set up on your account.

Once you are at the room you’d like to remove, select the gear to bring you to the rooms setting page. Scroll all the way to the bottom of this page and select “Delete Room”. You may be prompted to input your password for confirmation.

Please keep in mind that once a room is removed you will not be able to add it back without the unit’s unique device number.


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