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How can I turn my system on or off completely?

Powering off your thermostat is an important function to be familiar with, as it allows you to completely shut down your system when needed. Whether you prefer visual guidance or step-by-step instructions, we have you covered! Below, you’ll find videos and detailed instructions specific to popular thermostat models, including the Warmup 6iE, 4iE, and Terra thermostats. You can choose to watch the videos to visually follow along or refer to the instructions tailored to your thermostat model.

6iE Override Temperature and Turning Heat Off:

4iE Turning System Off:

Terra Smart WiFi Thermostat Powering Off:

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Short format instructions for Turning your System On or Off Completely:


  • Unlock your thermostat
  • Drag your finger along the right side of the screen to adjust the temperature
  • Drag all the way down to reveal a power button and press “accept” to successfully turn off your thermostat


  • First, open the main menu. Go to temperature, and heating off.
  • You can also turn your thermostat on or off using the button next to the GFCI tab at the bottom. Under your thermostat, you will find a flat tab indicating the GFCI status of your thermostat.
  • Next to that tab, there is a small button.
  • Hold it for 5-6 seconds to turn it on or off.
  • When the words “cancel heating off” appear on your home screen, the unit is off.


  • Press accept to confirm
  • Press accept on the program mode icon
  • Use the down arrow to view the heating power switched-off icon
  • Press accept to confirm
Full Instructions for Turning your System On or Off Completely:


Begin by locating your thermostat and ensuring it is in the locked state. To unlock the 6iE thermostat, tap the unlock icon to unlock the thermostat controls.

Once the thermostat is unlocked, you can now adjust the temperature settings. To do this, place your finger on the right side of the screen and drag it up or down, depending on whether you want to increase or decrease the temperature.

Continue dragging your finger until you reach the desired temperature setting. The thermostat screen will typically display the current temperature and update it as you adjust the setting.

If you wish to turn off your thermostat completely, locate the power icon. Drag your finger all the way down on the screen until you reveal the power icon. Once the power icon is visible, tap accept to successfully turn off your thermostat.


Locate the main menu button on your thermostat. This button is represented by an icon with three lines. Press the main menu button to access the thermostat’s menu options.

Within the main menu, navigate to the “Temperature” setting. This setting is listed as one of the primary options in the menu. Touch the screen to select the “Temperature” option.

Once you have selected the “Temperature” option, you will see various temperature-related settings. Look for the option labeled “Heating Off.” Use the touch screen to select this option.

Depending on your thermostat’s interface, you may need to confirm the action or enter a passcode to proceed. Follow the prompts on the screen and input any required information.

Alternatively, some thermostats have a physical button located next to the GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) tab at the bottom of the unit. Locate this button, which is usually small and discreetly positioned.

To turn your thermostat on or off using the physical button, press and hold it for approximately 5-6 seconds. Pay attention to any indications on the display that confirm the action, such as a change in the text or an on-screen notification.

After successfully turning off the thermostat, you may notice the words “Cancel Heating Off” or a similar message displayed on the home screen. This confirms that the unit is now off. To resume normal programming, just select with your finger where it says “Cancel Heating Off.”


Start by navigating to the program mode icon on your thermostat. This icon typically represents the programming features and can be identified by its distinctive symbol. Use the touch screen to scroll through the menu options and locate the program mode icon.

Once you have selected the program mode icon, you will enter the programming settings section of your thermostat. Look for an option or setting that indicates the current heating power status. This icon is represented by the power button icon.

To confirm the heating power being switched off, press the “Accept” button and/or the check mark icon on your thermostat. This will finalize the selection and activate the heating power-off mode.

Check the display on your thermostat’s home screen. It should now show the heating off icon, confirming that the heating power is switched off.


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