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Roof and Gutter De-icing Controls

Lengthen the life of your system by only powering it up when needed. Let Warmup Snow and Ice Electric Cable controls and sensors do the work for you.

Warmup offers a selection of electric cable controls to suit your project.

When to use the ASE-DS9 controller?

Our self-regulating outdoor heaters give you peace of mind knowing that your home or business is protected from the potential damage caused by ice build-up and frost.

This controller is a wall-mounted controller with built-in sensor and 2x30A capacity (240V). Comes with a gutter sensor.

Comes with a 3 Year warranty.

WSM-63 heated driveway control

When to use the WSM-63 controller?

This controller is a timer panel with 252A capacity. Operate manually as Timer, or combine with optional sensors. Load capacity: 2 x 63A / 4 pole.

Comes with a 3 Year warranty.

When to use the WRS-2 – Automatic Roof-Deicing controller?

The WRS-2 is essentially a power cord with a sensor built-in and is specifically intended for use with WRGH constant wattage kits. This is a budget add-on to automate WRGH installations and only operates when needed by turning the system on when temperatures drop below 40°F.

Comes with a 1 Year warranty.

Other products from our Outdoor Range

snow melting cable mat on pavement

Snow Melting Cables

The Warmup Snow Melting Cables protect against snow and ice build-up over both concrete and asphalt surfaces to improve accessibility and avoid accidents.

Pipe Freeze Protection

Warmup cables are designed to protect PVC and metal pipes, ceramic drains and sprinkler lines in standard and hazardous environments.

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