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Why does my DS unit not operate the way I expect it to?

The sensors contain configuration switches that allow the sensor to operate properly for the application.

This is what gives you flexibility.

Your unit is preconfigured for the most common applications. Check your settings as described below.


Configuration Switch:

  • Snow on – detects snow
  • Rain on – detects rain

  • Del (delay) – determines how long heat will be provided after precipitation has stopped to prevent water from refreezing into ice.

  • LTC (low temperature cut off) – Used for systems with limited power output. It keeps the sensor from turning on if initial precipitation is detected below 15 degrees F. At this point you would likely be dealing with fresh snow or rain that has not melted and created ice. However, if the sensor has already been activated, it will ignore the low temperature cut off setting and perform as usual. This setting would be turned off for Warmup’s snow melting systems since they are designed with the ability to melt snow and ice regardless of the outside temperature, thus ensuring that your walkways, stairs and driveways will remain snow/ice free right from the start without any delay.


Temp Adjust:

  • When the ambient temperature is below the number selected the sensor will assume that the precipitation is snow. When the SNOW switch is in the “on” position it will power on the snow melting system until precipitation has ceased.

  • When the temperature is above this temperature it is assumed that it is rain. If the RAIN switch is in the “on” position it will power on the snow melting system until precipitation has ceased.


Delay Adjust:

The timer will determine how long the heating system will remain on after precipitation has stopped to provide a drying cycle to prevent refreezing of moisture.

Controller will reset once precipitation begins again. Minimum time of 2min a max of 30min. Comes set at 30min. Only use Manual On for testing purposes.


Never leave “Manual On” on this setting.