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Electric Underfloor Heating

Electric underfloor heating gives new meaning to comfort. Find the best system for your project, room and floor type.

DCM-PRO heating cable


DCM-PRO Electric Floor Heating combines the DCM-PRO Heating Cable, the DCM-PRO Membrane and the 6iE Smart WiFi Thermostat. The DCM-PRO Membrane is the highest-rated anti-fracture membrane for floor heating.

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sticky mat


Electric underfloor heating mat with pressure-sensitive adhesive for the fastest installation. The lowest cable profile makes the Warmup Heated Floor Mat perfect for large open rooms and regular-shaped areas.

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foil heater

Foil Heater

The FOIL is an electric floor heating system ideal for carpet heating, laminate, engineered wood and other floating floor finishes. Simple to install, the foil heater delivers a consistent and even heat distribution.

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loose wire

Loose Wire

DCM-PRO cable can be installed as Loose Wire with fixing strips. This is a flexible option for irregularly shaped rooms, areas with a lot of permanent fixtures, or nailed hardwood installations. It can easily be maneuvered around room fixtures and corners.

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inscreed cable

In-Slab Cable

The In-Slab cable system is designed for installation in concrete slab of 2″ to 4″ (50mm to 100mm). If insulation is absent or beneath more than 4″ (100mm) of concrete subfloor, insulation boards must be used to ensure optimum heat-up times.

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Electric Heating Mats

Electric floor heating mats are ideal for renovation projects, offering a low-profile heating solution and rapid installation times. All Warmup’s electric floor heaters use BEAB, VDE, or FIMKO-approved, ultra-thin heating elements to quickly yet gently heat the floor surface. There are two key Warmup electric floor heating mats; the StickyMat and Foil Heater.

StickyMat System

The Warmup StickyMat heating mat is a super thin electric underfloor heating system that does not raise floor levels, taking the form of pre-spaced cables attached to a sticky mesh backing. The StickyMat heating mat comes with an output of 14 watts/ft².

Foil Heater

Warmup’s Foil Heater is designed for installation under wood and laminate flooring or under soft and resilient floor coverings such as carpet and other floating floor finishes. The Foil Heater system is especially suited for large and regularly shaped areas. The Foil Heater’s aluminum foil spreads the heat effectively and therefore the Foil Heater’s heat output of 12 watts/ft² is adequate for most heating needs.

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Electric Heating Cables

Heating cables provide a flexible electric underfloor heating solution for irregular-shaped rooms or rooms featuring many fixed objects.

Warmup heating cables come without a membrane and are specifically designed for areas where you have many fittings to work around or irregularly shaped rooms when installing underfloor heating.

In-Slab Cable System

The Warmup In-Slab Cable is designed for installation in concrete screed thickness of 2-6″. The In-Slab Heater is suitable for almost any flooring finish and in particular where the flooring (wood, carpet, vinyl) may be replaced from time to time.

underfloor heating mat

DCM-PRO Heated Uncoupling System

The DCM-PRO System is the newest innovation from Warmup, in which the heating cable is inserted and embedded amongst the castellations of the mat; allowing for fast installation and a more controlled heat output. The DCM-PRO also offers great protection for your floor covering, specifically preventing tiles from cracking from seasonal temperature changes in the subfloor. This system’s heat output varies depending on how you choose to space the heating cable.

DCM-PRO cable can be installed as Loose Wire with fixing strips. This is a flexible option for irregularly shaped rooms, areas with a lot of permanent fixtures, or nailed hardwood installations. It can easily be maneuvered around room fixtures and corners.

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Warmup System Comparison

For easier specification, we put together a Warmup System Comparison table. Find your desired floor material or preferred features on the left-hand-side, to navigate yourself to the best-suited product for your needs.

Final Floor Covering

  Heating Mat (DMW) Heating Cable and Membrane (DCM-PRO) Foil Inslab Cable (WODH)
Laminate or Floating Wood
Glue Hardwood
Nailed Down Hardwood
Vinyl, LVT, or LVP

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Use the table below to find the best radiant floor heating system for your requirements.

Heating Mat (DMW) Heating Cable and Membrane (DCM-PRO) Foil Inslab Cable (WODH)
Low profile
Ease of installation
No leveler required (dry install)
Primary Heating Source
Fits anti-fracture membranes
Warranty 30Y 30Y 10Y 10Y

underfloor heating insulation living room


When heating over a concrete slab, Warmup recommends the use of Warmup Insulation Boards for increased efficiency. Please contact a Warmup quoting specialist for more information. Additional taxes and freight may apply.

Heating Mat (DMW) Heating Cable and Membrane (DCM-PRO) Foil Inslab Cable (WODH)
Insulation Board
Insulated Underlay

thermostat with smartphone

Smart Thermostats

Find the perfect heating controller for your new system using the table below.

6iE 4iE-03 RFT
Mounting Vertical Horizontal/ Vertical  Vertical
Includes a GFCI
Available Color White Black or White White
Voltage 120/240 120/240 120/240
Warranty 12Y 3Y 1Y

Electric Underfloor Heating FAQs

Can I use an electric system with all floor finishes?

We offer heating systems for almost all floor types; from carpet to stone, laminate to vinyl, tiles to wood. Read our floor coverings guide to find the best system for your needs.

Is electric underfloor heating quick to install?

Electric underfloor heating systems offer rapid installation times, with some heaters being able to be installed in smaller rooms in under a day. All systems should be installed by a fully qualified installer who was worked with underfloor heating before.

Should I install insulation with an electric floor heater?

Yes, you should. To ensure floor heating functions at its most effective, a layer of high-quality insulation should be used to help increase the heat-up time of the system, assist in spreading radiant warmth evenly throughout the space and reduce heat-loss.

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Can you self-level over Ultralight?

Ultralight Insulation

Insulation Boards significantly reduce UFH heat-up times and running costs.

insulated underlay cutaway

Insulated Underlay

To be used with Foil Heater System - with effective acoustic properties to reduce contact noise.

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