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Roof Deicing

Self-regulating cables for the roof and gutter heating, melt snow and ice, to keep a drain path for water to flow freely away from the house.

Key Benefits


Keep roofs and gutters ice and snow free

The self-regulating cable will adjust its heating output depending on the ambient temperature; the colder the ambient temperature, the warmer the cable will be.


Keep pipes from freezing

Applied around a pipe, the cable prevents damage due to frost, freezing and cracking.


Works under any floor finish

Can be used in small domestic applications or scaled-up for large developments.

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Roof & Gutter Heating

Freeze and thaw cycles create ice dams that can quickly damage or even destroy roof coverings, gutters, and downspouts. Pooled water behind the dam may leak into the building, causing water damage, or climb over the ice-filled gutter, forming icicles. The resulting water damage to your home’s interior can be many times more expensive to repair than the roof or gutter itself.

Warmup provides self-regulating electric cables for the roof and gutter heating, that automatically adjust their power output to compensate for temperature changes.

The self-regulating heating cable is ideal for both commercial and residential use. A full range of controllers, sensors, and accessories is available, guaranteeing the optimal solution for the roof and gutter heating.

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How does Roof and Gutter Heat Work?

Warmup roof and gutter heating cables are self-regulating cables that very heat output as needed to protect against snow and ice damage. Warmup self-regulating cable is able to vary heat output because of its design. The two bus wires and carbon core that comprise the cable contract in cold climates, increasing power output, and expand in warmer areas, lowering heat output.

Warmup always recommends the installation of self-regulating cable along the roof line, the gutter, and all of the downspouts to prevent against ice damming. Heating all of these areas will keep water flowing away from the structure, ensuring a home or business is safe from ice or snow damage.

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Roof and Gutter Heat

Warmup NAMSR cables are intended for use on all types of roofs, including rubber, metal, clay and asphalt shingles.

Plug-In Kits

Warmup self-regulating cables are available in pre-terminated plug-in kits for easy installation. The kits are available in 6, 12, 18, 24, 50, 75 and 100-foot lengths and include a factory sealed power connection with 30-inch power cord and plug and a factory sealed end termination.


Warmup self-regulating cable is available for purchase in 250′ or 1,000′ spool lengths. These spools can be used with our accessories to easily custom-fit the cable at the job site.

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Roof and Gutter Heat Installation

The first step to installing Warmup roof and gutter de-icing cables is establishing a design to follow. Choose the starting point of the system by locating the desired placement of the outdoor electrical outlet or the junction box routing to the controller. Make sure to use caution and avoid high traffic areas, windows, doors, and other obtrusions. The roof material and overhang length will determine the design from this point. Follow the instruction manual to design an installation plan and purchase according to your calculations.

Warmup tip: Use the SB-190 water and weather-proof adhesive sealant to fix the roof clips and protect roof shingles. Our roof clips have an extra coating that prevents them from damaging roof shingles.

Commbox-600 open and closed


The Warmup Roof & Gutter De-Icing Cable works most effectively with an automatic thermostat and sensing device. The sensor monitors for moisture and temperature to maintain the required temperature.

For outdoor mounted controls, use the DS-series of automatic controllers or the Commbox-600.

For indoor-mounted devices, select the ETO2 module with ETOR roof sensor(s).

When using the NAMSR-Kits from Warmup, no control device is necessary. Simply plug into an outdoor rated outlet supplied by a GFCI breaker of the appropriate voltage.

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Warmup self-regulating cables start at $79. Depending on the size of your project you may require one or more pre-terminated kits or an entire spool.

Outdoor controls for roof and gutter projects start at $775. All Warmup materials are approved for use in the US and Canada and should be installed by a qualified installer. While Warmup does not offer installation, we do offer sales and technical support by phone and online 24/7.

Snow and ice can cause serious irreversible damage to your home or business. If you live in a cold climate it’s best to plan ahead with outdoor heating to prevent costly damages.

Technical Information

Product Documentation


Non-strip field connection box.

See spec sheet >



In-line splicing box for fast and weathertight connections in the field.

See spec sheet >



Power connection junction box (6 x6 x3) with a pipe-mounting bracket for self-regulating connections.

See spec sheet >



3-Way T-Splice box for fast and weathertight connections in the field.

See spec sheet >

Code Description
HANGER-KIT Downspout hanger kit for self-regulating cable and Roof/Gutter heaters
POWER-KIT Power connection kit for self-regulated cable. Includes 2 warning labels
ROOF-CLIP Metal roof clips. Sold 50/pkg
SR-ZT-100 Bag of 100 heavy duty zip ties, 7″ long.
SR-SPLICEKIT Spice/Tee kit for self-regulated cable
SB-170 Adhesive for Warmup Roof Clips
END-KIT End Seal Kit for Self-Regulating Cable
CRDS-15-GFI 6ft lead with GFCI 3-prong molded plug, NEMA 5-15, 15 amp, 14/3
SR-FIT-BOX Power connection junction box (6x6x3) with mounting bracket.
SR-FIT-SPL In-line splicing box for fast and weathertight connections in the field
SR-SFIT-TEE 3-Way T-Splice box for fast and weathertight connections in the field
SR-FIT-PRO Non-strip field connection box.

Cable Sizing Guide

Self-Regulating Cable – 120V 250ft Spools

Length (ft) Code Watts Volts
250 NAMSR-3W-120-250 3/in 120
250 NAMSR-5W-120-250 5/in 120
250 NAMSR-8W-120-250 8/in 120

Self-Regulating Cable – 240V 250ft Spools

Length (ft) Code Watts Volts
250 NAMSR-3W-240-250 3/in 240
250 NAMSR-5W-240-250 5/in 240
250 NAMSR-8W-240-250 8/in 240

Self-Regulating Cable – 120V 1000ft Spools

Length (ft) Code Watts Volts
1000 NAMSR-3W-120-1000 3/in 120
1000 NAMSR-5W-120-1000 5/in 120
1000 NAMSR-8W-120-1000 8/in 120

Self-Regulating Cable – 240V 1000ft Spools

Length (ft) Code Watts Volts
1000 NAMSR-3W-240-1000 3/in 240
1000 NAMSR-5W-240-1000 5/in 240
1000 NAMSR-8W-240-1000 8/in 240

Self-Regulating Cable – Kits

Length (ft) Code Watts Volts
6 NAMSRK-6FT with plug 5/lin 120
12 NAMSRK-12FT with plug 5/lin 120
18 NAMSRK-18FT with plug 5/lin 120
24 NAMSRK-24FT with plug 5/lin 120
50 NAMSRK-50FT with plug 5/lin 120
75 NAMSRK-75FT with plug 5/lin 120
100 NAMSRK-100FT with plug 5/lin 120

Other products from our Outdoor Range

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Snow Melting Cables

The Warmup Snow Melting Cables protect against snow and ice build-up over both concrete and asphalt surfaces to improve accessibility and avoid accidents.

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