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Can I use an uncoupling membrane with the NADWS cable ?

YES, you can use uncoupling membranes that indicate they are compatible with electric floor heating systems.  

Additionally, you may need tape or hot glue to secure the wire within the uncoupling membrane pathways, depending on the space provided for holding the wire in place and the size of the cable.

If using a traditional membrane that does not accommodate heating wire, you’ll install the heating system first per the installation manual. Then install the uncoupling membrane on top with a layer of modified thin-set or floor leveler.

Warmup now offers our own DCM-PRO cable, which is a cable compatible with all uncoupling membranes.  The cable itself allows primary heating thanks to the twin-core ETFE cable for highest heat output. The package also comes complete with a Lifetime transferable warranty. Additionally, you will experience even better results when used in conjunction with the Warmup 4iE Smart WiFi thermostat.



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