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Underfloor Heating Solutions for Carpet

Underfloor heating systems are a great way to add a sense of coziness and warmth to complement your soft carpet flooring. Carpet heating systems feel great underfoot, but they also help keep your home healthy by keeping humidity levels low, keeping dust mites and other allergens in check.

Warmup has a wide range of carpet heating systems from electric to wet underfloor heating to ensure the perfect heating solution for your carpet floors.

Under Carpet Heating

When choosing your carpet flooring, care must be paid to the overall thickness of any materials above the heater including any underlays and overlays. The underlay should have low thermal resistance and the carpet should be hessian backed to promote efficient operation of the system. A felt underlay should not be used as it may create a thermal blocker hindering the performance of the system.

Everything above the heater, including underlay, overlay and final floor finish need to be in the limits set in the table below. The typical carpet is 1.0 to 2 tog, but you should always check with the manufacturer the suitability for underfloor heating and ensure that the overall tog value (including any underlays or overlays) does not exceed the 2.5. It is not recommended to install underfloor heating with carpet if the limits below are not met. This may hinder the performance of the system and result in the system not working as desired.

Transfer of heat limits
Tog No more than 2.5
RSI  No more than 0.25
R-Value (US) No more than 1.42
U-Value No less than 4.0


The floor temperature should not exceed 81°F (27 °C), which is secured by using a thermostat, means that the floor heating system is restricted to a certain maximum heat output. If you need help determining the heating requirement of your room and deciding on the suitable underfloor heating system, our expert team is available to help and can give you an estimate for heat loss and the heat output of the system and help you to choose the right products to your home.

When installing the system, the concrete or plywood base on which the heating system is installed on should have additional insulation. This promotes the efficient operation of the system. Warmup insulation boards or Warmup Insulated Underlay are designed to give the best performance for the floor heater to provide heat through the underlay and the carpet on top.

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