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Settings and Programming

Your unit will come configured with the following settings:

Configuration switch

Snow/On: This means that the moisture grid is set up to power on the heating system when snow is detected.

Rain/Off: This means that the moisture grid will not power on the heating system when rain is detected.

Delay/On: This means that the heating system will stay on after precipitation has no longer been detected. This will serve to prevent any refreezing of melted snow or ice.

LTC/Off: This feature is designed for limited output systems. When turned on, the controller will not power on the heating system when precipitation is initially detected and the outside temperature is below 15 degrees. The unit assumes that light, puffy snow is falling that would not be an issue. Since we do not produce limited output systems and are designed to keep snow from piling up (light or otherwise), you will typically keep this setting as is.

Temp Adjust

This determines at what temperature the unit will power on the heating system. It comes set at 39 degrees. When moisture is detected below this trigger point it will assume snow is falling. When above this trigger point it will assume rain is falling. In either instance, if Snow, Rain or both are selected on the configuration switch, the heating system will power off once precipitation has ceased and the delay time has completed its cycle.

Delay Adjust

Determines how long unit will keep the heating system on after precipitation has stopped. It comes set at 30 minat the 12 o’clock position and a maximum of 90 min at the 4 o’clock position.

Control Switch (On front cover)

This should be in the “automatic position.” When making any changes to the aforementioned settings, you will put the switch in Standby/Reset position and then back to the automatic position. The Manual On position will be used for testing purposes and shoul