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How is the Warmup Waterproofing Kit installed?

The below instructions will walk you though the installation of a Warmup Waterproofing Kit.

  1. Cut a length of the waterproof roll to fit folded at the crease of the floor and wall
  2. Apply a suitable waterproof 3/8” layer of thinset to the mat, walls and penetrations through the mat, 4” either side of the joint, ensuring there are no gaps or voids.
  3. Press your cut length of roll into the thinset along the wall perimeter using a trowel, removing any air gaps or creases. Press the membrane fully into the bond coat. Work the product into the mortar by applying pressure to the membrane with the flat side of the trowel (held at an angle) in smooth, diagonal sweeps.
    Always apply the waterproofing products above the DCM-M and DCM-PS anti-fracture membranes. Plan for cuts
    and seams by first dry-fitting the heating cable membrane and marking the location of the seams.

  4. For inside and outside corners, adhere pre-formed corners included in the kit. For floor/wall connections, use the DCMWP- KIT roll.
  5. To waterproof the joints between membrane runs and over the cable joints, apply a 3/8” layer of waterproof thinset, 4” either side of the joint, making sure the cavities of the mat are fully filled. Cut a length of Warmup waterproof tape to suit and press into the thinset using a trowel, removing any air gaps or creases taking care not to damage or dislodge the cable.
  6. Once the entire membrane has been completely bonded, and therefore waterproofed, the covering may be applied.

Note: Water testing of the assembly: Prior to setting tile, wait 24 hours to allow for final set of the mortar before testing to ensure waterproof performance of the assembly at seams and connections.

NOTE: Where joints are required, overlap the tape by 4” bonding the two lengths together with a layer of thinset.

NOTE: At the manufactured joint, the sensor probe bulb, the termination joint or anywhere that you have damaged or pierced the mat, cover the penetration with a 3/8” layer of thinset and cover with Warmup waterproof tape.