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How to perform a manual override using the MyHeating app?

6iE Smart Thermostat

We will guide you through the step-by-step process of accessing the manual override function through the MyHeating app. You’ll learn how to make real-time changes to the temperature, switch between heating modes, and even create temporary overrides to match your specific requirements. With this knowledge, you’ll have the flexibility to adapt your heating system to your lifestyle and preferences effortlessly.

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Setting into “Manual” mode allows you to set a fixed target temperature for the thermostat to achieve. The thermostat will continue to maintain this temperature until another operating mode or temperature is selected.

Short format instructions for performing a Manual Override

Once your profile and 6iE/4iE are registered, you can now perform a manual override through the MyHeating App.

  • To get started, choose the thermostat you want to manually override
  • Select the temperature icon
  • Adjust the temperature to what you prefer, and press apply

Full Instructions for performing a Manual Override

Once you have successfully registered your profile and Warmup 6iE/4iE thermostat with the MyHeating app, you gain the ability to perform manual overrides for personalized control. In this guide, we will take you through the simple process of executing a manual override using the app, allowing you to effortlessly adjust your thermostat settings according to your preferences.

To begin, ensure that your profile and thermostat are properly registered within the MyHeating app. This registration process typically involves linking your thermostat to your user account through the app’s settings or preferences menu. Once this is completed, you are ready to proceed with the manual override.

Launch the MyHeating app on your smartphone or mobile device. The app should display the thermostats linked to your profile. If you have multiple thermostats, choose the specific one you wish to manually override. This selection ensures that the changes you make only apply to the chosen thermostat.

Once you have selected the appropriate thermostat, locate the temperature icon within the app’s interface. The icon typically resembles a thermometer or displays the current temperature reading. Tap on this icon to access the temperature adjustment settings.

Once you have selected the appropriate thermostat, locate the temperature icon within the app’s interface. The icon displays the current temperature reading. Tap on this icon to access the temperature adjustment settings for the specific room.

In the temperature adjustment screen, you can now modify the temperature to your preferred setting. Use the app’s controls, by scrolling to increase or decrease the desired temperature. Once you have set the temperature to your liking, confirm the changes by pressing the “apply” button within the app.

By following these simple steps, you have successfully performed a manual override on your Warmup 6iE/4iE thermostat using the MyHeating app. This feature grants you the freedom to tailor your heating settings to match your comfort needs at any given time.

In conclusion, the MyHeating app provides an exceptional platform for performing manual overrides on your Warmup 6iE/4iE thermostat, empowering you with complete control over your home’s heating settings. With the ability to adjust temperature settings on the go, you can easily create a comfortable environment tailored to your preferences and lifestyle.

Whether you desire a quick temperature adjustment or need to deviate from your regular heating schedule, the MyHeating app offers a user-friendly interface to facilitate seamless manual overrides. Take advantage of this advanced technology and enjoy the convenience of personalized heating control with the MyHeating app and your Warmup thermostat.

If you are experiencing any difficulties or encountering any issues while attempting to perform a manual override, rest assured that we are here to assist you. Our dedicated support team is ready to provide you with the necessary assistance to resolve any problems you may be facing.

To access our support services, simply reach out to us at 888-927-6333.


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