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What is an RC Snubber?

A snubber is a device that is used to limit (or “snub”) voltage transients in electrical systems. In an electrical system where there is a sudden interruption of current flow, there can be a corresponding significant rise in voltage across the device.


When is a RC Snubber recommended?

When using an external relay.


Why is a RC Snubber recommended?

When you turn off the supply to a coil, such as the one within a relay that closes its contacts, it discharges a massive voltage spike many times greater than the supply voltage.  When you add an RC snubber, it absorbs the energy discharged from the coil, preventing a voltage spike that could damage other devices such as cooking power circuits or weld the contacts on the switch that powered it.


Recommend RC Snubber Specs:

  • Resistance: 100Ω
  • Capacitance: 0.1µF
  • 250 V AC