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How does Ultralight work?

Ultralight is uniquely designed for heated floors with it’s 4-in-1 design that offers insulating, heat-spreading, decoupling, and acoustic. It combines a thermal barrier and a heat-spreading layer to deliver first of it’s kind results.

The outer sections of the Ultralight boards are coated with a polypropylene “fleece” that allows for good bonding with the subfloor (below) and floor coverings (above). A 5mm layer of extruded polyethylene insulation will prevent thermal transfer between the top and bottom. It is the exclusive feature is a thin layer of aluminum under the top fleece portion that allows the heat from a floor heating system to spread faster laterally. This means that you will get an evenly heated floor faster, or can save in material and running costs but spacing the cable up to 30% wider and achieve reliable heating in the room.

Ultralight 4-in-1 Insulation Boards