Heated Sidewalks and Walkways

Snow Melting and De-icing Controls

Enjoy maximum control of your heated driveway, walkway or roof system with Warmup Snow Melting and De-icing controls. Controls save energy and lower operating costs by triggering the system only when needed.


Snow Melting Controls

Warmup offers manual and automatic controls for driveway heating systems. Automatic controllers can cut down on energy consumption by activating your system only when moisture and low temperatures are both detected.

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DS-2C controls

Roof and Gutter De-icing Controls

Extend the life of your Roof and Gutter heating system by only powering it up when needed. Let a Warmup snow and ice sensor do the work for you!

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freeze protection controls

Pipe Freeze Controllers

Take the guessing out of pipe maintenance and rest assured that even on the coldest winter days, your pipes will continue to flow when installed with an automatic control.

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Heated Driveway Clear of Snow

Outdoor Heating Controllers

Warmup provides a range of temperature controllers and sensors to accurately control and maximize on the energy efficiency of a Snowmelting System.

The controller’s sensor will be activated only when the outdoor temperature is below a selected setting and snow or ice occurs. When sensing moisture and low ground temperature, the controller will start working automatically.

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