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Why Won’t My 4iE Connect to the Internet?

4iE Internet Connection Issues

If following along here does not help with connecting your 4iE to the internet, keep reading for other possibilities.

Possibility 1: You have a Non-WiFi 4iE

Starting from the main menu select “settings”. If you do not see “network” as an option you do not have a WiFi thermostat. The 4iE is avalible with or without WiFi. WiFi models end in “04” whereas Non-WiFi models end in “03”.

Possibility 2: Password

If you enter your password and are unable to press OK in the bottom right corner, the password entered is incorrect.

Possibility 3: Password Format

To have your 4iE connect to the internet, know what password format you’re using.

Problem: My SSID is less than 11 characters but still won’t connect to the internet.

Solution: Check you are using a WPA2 password format (less than 10 characters) on your network. WEP is an outdated password format. It is no longer considered secure – the 4iE will not connect using a WEP password format. For details on how to change your password format, please contact your internet supplier or router manufacturer. Warmup cannot advise on every type of router due to the varied range available.

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