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What are heating limits?

4iE Smart WiFi Thermostat

On the subject of underfloor heating, a heating limit is the maximum temperature that the finished flooring can reach. Because heating limits are extremely important, Warmup thermostats have been designed to have total control of heating limits.


To edit heating limits on the 4iE thermostat, select the lock to reveal the 3 lines on your screen. Select the three lines and go to settings > advance settings > heater setting > heating limits, and select your flooring type. Pre-Set heating limits are shown below.

underfloor heating limits

If your flooring manufacturer has given you a specific maximum temperature, you can put it under user-defined. Select user-defined, go to program min/max, and enter the maximum temperature.

Check out this video to see:


To edit heating limit settings on the Tempo thermostat, it is necessary to get into the installer settings. To enter the installer setting mode, remove the thermostat from the wall plate. Press and hold the Main Button and, using a pointed device, press and release the Reset Button on the back of the thermostat. After 5 seconds release the Main Button on the front of the

Once in the installer setting mode, you can turn the Rotary Control to change your selection and press the Main Button to accept your setting and proceed to the next step.

Heating limits are set at step 6. Please note, the Tempo will only allow you to set a temperature 2°C/4°F lower than the overheat limit. If your flooring manufacturer has not provided a heating limit for the flooring you installed you can refer to the chart above for our recommendations.

Once you have completed all the steps (7) you will automatically exit the installer setting mode.


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