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Does every room with floor heat need its own thermostat?

Each Warmup thermostat acts as its own zone. To reduce energy usage and save money Warmup does recommend using a thermostat for each room you have floor heating in . There are additional reasons to consider having multiple thermostats such as floor heating limits, building regulations, and usage. 

Reduce Energy Usage and Save Money

Heating the rooms you are in only when you are in them is a simple way to drastically cut heating costs. The key to making this a possibility is having a thermostat control in each room of your home. With a thermostat in each room, there are many things you can do with the unit to cut energy cost.

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Floor Heating Limits

Rooms with differing floor types may or may not have different heating limits. For example, a tile bathroom floor can be set to heat to a higher target temperature than a floating floor type such as laminate. Since heating limits are controlled by Warmup thermostats, it is necessary, again, to have 1 per room for the ability to monitor and control the heating limits.

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Building Regulations

There are instances where building regulations have requirements or limitations that would establish further need for a thermostat per room. An example of this would be the inability to heat through a threshold (doorway) in some areas.





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