Warmup Case Studies

Warmup’s projects team works with Architects, Contractors, M&E Consultants, Builders and Developers on projects of all scales. See below some of our projects.

Brad and Sean, the owners of the popular renovation TikTok account @backtothestuds, were remodeling their brownstone in Brooklyn, NY, and wanted to install a reliable and efficient heating system for their three bathroom floors and cold entryway. They wanted a system that would provide warmth and comfort, while also being energy-efficient and cost-effective. The challenge was to find a heating solution that met all of their requirements.
honey from heated beehive
Judy, a beekeeper in Wisconsin, was struggling to keep her beehives warm during the harsh winter months. Her bees were dying due to the extreme cold temperatures, and she was losing a significant amount of her bee population every year. She was looking for a solution that would help keep her bees warm and healthy without having to rely on expensive and energy-consuming heating systems.
Amazon needed a solution to keep their truck washing area clear of snow and ice during the harsh winter months in order to maintain their high standards of cleanliness and efficiency. Traditional snow removal methods, such as shoveling and plowing, were time-consuming and costly, and often resulted in downtime for the facility. Amazon was looking for a more cost-effective and efficient solution.
Pickering House Inn
Pickering House Inn is an incredibly renovated historic Inn. Drawing from traveling experiences of their own, owners Peter and Patty have transformed the 1813 building into a spacious 10-guest room, luxury Inn, where guests can enjoy beautiful common areas, outdoor patios and porches.
kitchen counter in family home
Marti and Guy Fisher recently took on a heated island in their partial kitchen remodel at their home in Holland, Michigan. With the help of the team at Duca Granite and Tile they were able to upgrade their space without a full demolition – the best of both worlds!
400 West Huron Illinois
Providing an electric underfloor heating system for over 7 floors of high-end luxury bathrooms for each apartment.
27th St & Queens Plaza S in New York
Warmup designed and supplied custom size electric floor heating mats to be installed around the perimeter of each floor and throughout the entire main lobby.
Self-Regulating Cables
Jane and Brad Porter love what the New England area has to offer them in the Winter season but the exterior of their home does not. After years of living in Massachusetts and owning their home, they realized that water damage was starting to take a real toll on their roof and even on some walls. Read on to see what they decided to do.
Chelsea Piers Fitness & Yoga Studio
Chelsea Piers makes a point to enhance their members’ experience, as state-of-the-art health clubs compete to attract new members and retain existing ones. Here is how Warmup’s unique engineering made this project possible.
sunset on a beach
In 2012 Hurricane Sandy hit and caused $70 billion in damage. Learn more about how one homeowner re-built with this in mind.

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