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How do I change the probe setting on my Tempo thermostat?

When the Tempo thermostat is installed following our manual it has the capability to function off of the installed floor probe or the thermostats built in air probe. The thermostat will only operate from one probe location and the probe that you choose will significantly impact the way that the products function.

Choosing the Air Probe

If you installed the Warmup system for primary heat in your home operating off of the air probe is going to give you the results you are looking to achieve. When the Tempo is set to operate off of the air probe, the floor heater will come on and off as needed to heat the entire room to your set temperature at the thermostat level.

Choosing the Floor Probe

In many instances Warmup is installed to take the uncomfortable chill out of the floor. In these situations, our system is most efficient operating off of the floor probe. By selecting to operate off of the floor probe, the temperature gathered at the installation location will trigger the thermostat to turn the heating system on/off.

How to Switch

If you would like to change the probe that your thermostat is operating off of on your Tempo thermostat you will need to enter the installer setting mode. To do so, remove the thermostat from the wall plate. Press and hold the Main Button and, using a pointed device, press and release the Reset Button on the back of the thermostat. After 5 seconds release the Main Button on the front of the thermostat.

Once in the installer setting mode you can turn the Rotary Control to change your selection and press the Main Button to accept your setting and proceed to the next step. Step 3 is where you will choose Air, Floor, or Regulator. Once you have completed all the steps you will automatically exit the installer setting mode.

No Floor Probe Installed? No problem

Since the Tempo has a built-in air probe there is always an option for operation if the floor probe is not installed.

You can opt into using the air probe instead of the floor probe if…

-You are more concerned about trying to achieve a specific air temperature, usually for primary heat.

-You or your installer did not install the floor probe

-The floor probe is placed in the floor incorrectly

-The floor probe is damaged

Otherwise, we recommend you stick with the floor temperature reading for more accurate programming. Please refer to the instruction manual related to your specific model to find out how to switch between air and floor mode. Contact the Warmup technical department if you need further assistance.

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