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How do I change the language using the MyHeating app?

6iE Smart Thermostat

In this guide, we will explore the two methods you can use to change the language within the MyHeating app. Whether you’re more comfortable navigating through menu options or prefer a more direct approach, these methods provide you with the flexibility to seamlessly switch to your preferred language. Let’s dive into the two approaches that will allow you to transform your MyHeating app into a language that suits your needs.

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Short format instructions for Changing the Language on App

  • Select the three lines at the top left.
  • Select “Change Language”
  • Choose the language you prefer.

Short format instructions for Changing the Language for a Specific Thermostat:

  • Click the Settings icon under the room you want to change.
  • Select your Room Type.
  • Select “Thermostat Language” to your preferred language and then select “Done”
  • Press “Save”

Full Instructions for Changing a Password for the App

In order to change your language, follow the steps outlined below. These instructions will guide you through the process of changing your language. Please note that the following instructions assume you are using the MyHeating app by Warmup.

To start, look for the three lines located at the top left corner of the app’s interface. These lines usually represent a menu icon or a navigation symbol. Tap on these three lines to open the app’s main menu.

Once you’ve tapped on the three lines, a dropdown menu or a sidebar will appear, displaying a variety of options and settings. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the available options.

In the dropdown menu, search for the option labeled “Change Language.” It is located towards the bottom of the list. Once you find it, tap on it to proceed.

After selecting “Change Language,” a new screen or pop-up window will appear, presenting you with a list of available languages. This list displays individual language options.

Once you have identified your preferred language, tap on it to select it. This action will highlight your chosen language or mark it with a green checkmark, and take you back to the app’s home screen.

After selecting the desired language, the app will automatically update and apply the language change throughout its interface. You will now be able to navigate and interact with the app using the newly selected language.

Full Instructions for Changing a Password for a Specific Thermostat

To start, open the MyHeating app and navigate to the main screen. Identify the specific room for which you want to change the thermostat language.

Once you’ve located the desired room, select the settings icon. The settings icon is represented by a gear wheel. Then, click on the settings icon to access the settings menu for that room.

After clicking on the settings icon, a new screen will appear, presenting various options and configurations for that specific room.

On the settings screen, search for an option labeled “Room Type.” This option allows you to specify the type of room you are configuring. Click on the “Room Type” option to proceed.

A list of room types will be displayed on the screen. These room types are typically categorized based on their function or purpose, such as “Living Room,” “Bedroom,” or “Kitchen.” Scroll through the list and select the room type that corresponds to the room you are configuring. Click on the appropriate room type to continue.

Navigate through the settings screen to find the “Thermostat Language” option. Once you’ve selected the “Thermostat Language” option, a list of available languages will be displayed. The dropdown list that is presented is scrollable with many language options. Take your time to browse through the list and locate your preferred language.

After selecting the desired language, look for a “Done” button. Click on the “Done” button to save your language preferences and last press “Save” to save all of the changes you made to the thermostat settings.

If you encounter any difficulties or need further assistance while following these instructions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team. Our dedicated experts are available to provide additional help and answer any questions you may have. Simply call our phone number at 888-927-6333, and our friendly support staff will be happy to assist you.


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