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Should I perform a Reset or Power Cycle my 4iE?

Depending on your situation Warmup may recommend a power cycle or a reset. A power cycle refers to recycling the thermostat power and a reset brings you back to factory settings.

It’s best to first try a power cycle since this will keep your settings. To do this, first, loosen the screws at the bottom of your unit as shown in the video clip below. Then remove the face of your thermostat by lifting up and off. On the back of the face is a small reset button. Using a small screwdriver or writing utensil, press and hold the reset button for 15 seconds. Then place the face of the unit back on making sure the 8 gold pins line up correctly with their counterparts.


If you are still experiencing an issue a full reset may be required. To perform a reset on your 4iE thermostat go to settings>advanced settings>reset>reset. This process can be seen in the below clip.

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