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Are you getting a “Ground Fault” error after a few years?

Ground Fault errors in underfloor heating mats are rare occurrences, and it’s essential to understand that these systems are designed to last for an extended period. The absence of moving parts and the absence of leaking or freezing liquids contribute to their durability. However, there are instances where external factors can lead to cable damage, resulting in the need for repairs.

It’s crucial to note that the longevity of the heating mat system is generally not compromised over time. Nevertheless, caution should be exercised when making repairs or modifications to the flooring, fixed furniture, or any related areas within the room. Activities such as trim work, tile repair, grout cleaning, and installing door stops can inadvertently cause damage to the cable, leading to potential issues, which may include the ground fault error message.

When faced with a ground fault error message, the recommended course of action is to perform a power cycle. This simple step can often resolve the error, ensuring the smooth operation of the heating system. However, if the error persists even after the power cycle, it becomes necessary to delve deeper into the issue.

If you get a ground fault error message you should perform a power cycle on your specified thermostat below:



It’s important to acknowledge that there is a slight possibility that cable damage may not have been immediately apparent during the installation process. Such damage may manifest as a break or ground leak after a few weeks or months of operation. While this scenario is uncommon, it’s not entirely impossible. To conduct a more thorough investigation, gather crucial information such as the part number of the heating system installed and the system resistance readings.

If you find yourself in a situation where the “Ground Fault” error persists, reaching out to the manufacturer or supplier is the next logical step. In this case, contacting Warmup for assistance is recommended. Providing them with the gathered information will enable their support team to offer targeted guidance and troubleshooting steps. It’s worth noting that seeking professional help ensures that any underlying issues are addressed efficiently, minimizing downtime and potential disruptions to the heating system.

If the error message still persists after this video, it will be necessary to investigate further. It is not impossible that a slight cable damage was not spotted during the installation and reveals itself as a break or ground leak after a few weeks or months of operation. Again, this is uncommon, but possible. To further investigate be sure to gather the part number of the heating system installed and the system resistance readings. Contact Warmup for help along the way.





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