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How can I keep my relay from being loud or buzzing?

How Can I Keep my Relay from Being Loud or Buzzing?

All relays ‘buzz’. A good example is the transformers for low voltage lighting in the house. When the room is quiet, you can hear the humming of the transformer or relay. But things can make it worse:

  • Ensure that the relay is mounted tight to the enclosure and the enclosure is mounted tight to the studs/walls. Any slight looseness and it will vibrate.

  • You can put some polystyrene foam between the relay and the wall. So before mounting it and screwing to the wall, apply some foam (any non-flammable foam) and screw tight to the wall. This will help prevent the transfer of the buzzing to the drywall and the rest of the wall.

Review the installation manual before installing.


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