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Programming the Floor Temperature

Your thermostat will always go into “Sleep” mode when not in use. Touch the check mark under “Wake” to allow for programming adjustments. You will now see that the word “Menu” appears above the check mark as illustrated below. You will touch the check mark to advance to the next screen.

Now you are at the main menu. Touch the dash next to “Set Program.”

The “Program Schedule” menu now appears. Select the way you want to set your floor temperature. Note: If you choose the “pre-set” option, you will be taken to the “Pre-set program” menu where you will only need to select the type of room you are heating. This is the quickest way to begin to use your floor thermostat. You can see what the specific pre-set programs are by viewing page 7 of the programming manual.

Let’s say though you decide to “set each day separately” just as an example. You would simply begin by touching the dash next to that option. To proceed please refer to the programming manual or review the steps outlined under “Basic temperature programming/Setting each day separately” in the Warmupedia.


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