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Where do I place the sensor probe when installing in-slab cable?

The thermostats sensor probe can be installed in a number of ways and must be housed in a separate conduit from the heating systems cold tail lead.

The sensor probe can be:

  1. Placed directly in the top 3/8” (10mm) of the slab covering the heating wire.
  2. Cemented into a channel cut out of the surface of the slab.
  3. Placed in a flexible conduit in the top 3/8” (10mm) of the slab.

If a finished floor is going to be installed on top of the slab, the conduit housing the sensor probe wire is to be curved up between the heating cables with the opening above the intending surface level of the concrete slab, with the end capped to prevent debris falling into the conduit.

Once the cable has been installed, the sensor wire conduit positioned and the final resistances and continuity checked, the concrete floor can then be poured. Ensure that the sensor conduit is embedded in the concrete mortar.

Last, feed the sensor wire from the thermostat box so that the tip of the sensor is just on top of the sumac of the new concrete. Once the sensor is in place, cement the tip with fresh mortar ensuring that it remains visible at the surface. Additional information can be found in the installation manual.

Connection of the cold tail leads, sensor wire and main supply must be conducted by a qualified electrician in accordance with the thermostats installation manual.


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