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Where do I run the cold lead and sensor probe during DCM-PRO installation?

The cold tail lead and the sensor probe should be run in separate conduits.

This will prevent any interference from the cold tail lead affecting the temperature readings from the sensor probe. In addition, the sensor probe should be placed equidistant between two of the heating cable runs 1′ into the heated space. It should then be run up the conduit to the electrical box where it can be connected to the thermostat.

Furthermore, connect the cold lead to the thermostat after running the cold tail lead in a separate conduit. The factory joint splice should remain on the floor under the thin set or leveler. The cold lead and factory joint should always remain a minimum of 2″ away from any heater cable.

The sensor and the cold lead should NEVER cross over any of the heater cables. Please refer to the installation manual for additional guidance.


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