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Internet to 4iE: How to connect the 4iE to the Internet?

Warmup 4iE thermostats come with or without WiFi capability. If you have a 4iE with WiFi capability and the home screen shows internet bars with an X above, this indicates that your 4iE internet connection has failed or has not yet been set up. Follow below to connect the 4iE thermostat to WiFi. The process is easy and doing so will allow you to access your thermostat from any location via the My Heating App or My.Warmup.com.

To connect your 4iE to WiFi you can follow along with the video below or continue reading.

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You will go to your main menu and select Settings>Network. 4iE models with WiFi have 04 in their product code. If you do not have WiFi but think that you purchased a WiFi unit, contact the retailer you purchased from.

Once you see your network, highlight and press “accept” in the bottom right corner. You will be prompted to put in your password. Do so and press “ok” in the bottom right corner. If you can not press “ok” you can have not yet put in the correct password. Once you have put in the correct password and pressed “ok” be patient and wait for a Connection Successful screen. Once you see Connection Successful you can select “ok” in the bottom right corner.

Now that your thermostat is connected to the internet, the internet bars with an X should be gone. If you see internet bars with an exclamation point, it’s time to register your device.  Need help? Click here.

Want to use the 4iE with Alexa? Follow Warmupedia’s guide to have Alexa set the room’s temperature for you.


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