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Knowledge Center

Knowledge Center

Discover the many benefits of underfloor heating for your home and find resources for your Warmup system.  

 Floor Heating Guides

Wondering whether a floor heating system is right for your home? Find out everything you need to know in our expert guides.

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Buying Guides

Read our buying guides on choosing the best system for your renovation or new-build project.

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Room Type Guides

Find the perfect electric floor heaters for any room of your home. 

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Floor Coverings Guide

Discover the most suitable heating systems for your new or existing floor finish. 

Technical Support

Find supporting documents and the answer to any query about your current Warmup heating solution.

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Warmup Support

Looking for troubleshooting advice? Find the answer in our innovative online support platform.

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Product Literature

You can find online installation manuals and technical specifications for all our products.  

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Wiring Diagrams

Find the wiring diagram for your Warmup Thermostat so you can install it with ease.  

UFH Resources

Discover your perfect UFH system, where to purchase it and how much it will cost with our online tools.

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Costs Guide

UFH is a great way to save money on your energy bills – find out more in our costs guide. 

Instant Pricing

Use our instant pricing tool to get a customized list of products recommended for your project.

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Store Locator

Looking to purchase a Warmup product? Find your nearest stockist and buy a new heating system today.

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Further Questions about UFH?

Underfloor heating is a cleaner, more efficient way to heat a home and is suitable for both new-build and renovation projects. Our electric heating systems are installed beneath your floor covering – giving you complete freedom when designing your home, with no style interruptions caused by bulky radiators and exposed piping. Radiant floor heaters require less energy to reach optimal comfort temperatures than traditional heating systems and with this increased energy-efficiency, you can expect lower long-term running costs. 

Floor Heating Case Studies

With over 2.5 million underfloor heating systems sold in 72 countries, see how we’ve brought radiant warmth to inspirational projects around the world.

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