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Can I install two thermostats on a single 240V circuit, with one controlling a bathroom mat and the other controlling a separate two mats?

No, unfortunately you cannot use one 240V circuit to supply power to ALL controls / heating mats. Since the thermostats have GFCI protection built-in, those areas / heating mats will need to be supplied with Non-GFCI Protected Circuits.

The Relay (RL-240V25A) does not have GFCI built-in, so a GFCI Protected Circuit is needed to supply the Relay.  However, the same Non-GFCI circuit can be used to supply the (2) thermostats.  What you will need to supply the following circuits:

  • (1) 20 Amp 240 Volt Non-GFCI Protected Circuit (80/20 Rule Applied) supplying power to the (2) Thermostats = Bath Heating Mat (DWM-240-1050) + Kitchen Heating Mat (DWM-240-2100).
  • (1) 20 Amp 240 Volt GFCI Protected Circuit (80/20 Rule Applied) supplying power to the Relay (RL-240V25A) for Main Area Heating Mat (DWM-240-3240).

The only way to use (1) Supply Circuit for the 3 heating mats, is to use 3 thermostats.  Then (1) 35 or 40 Amp 240 Volt Non-GFCI Circuit (80/20 Rule Applied) can be used to supply all (3) thermostats / heating mats / areas.

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