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How do I wire the TRF115-005 with 240Vac Heating cable(s)?

When using the TF115-005 Controller for heating only, the cooling side (blue wire) will not be used and will need to be capped.  When there is no call for heat (aka no heating load), the switch will open, and power will not flow.

Designed perfectly for small and medium-sized jobs, the TF115-005 Controller will provide protection to pipes, ducts, and sprinklers to prevent the destructive effects of burst pipes. The TF115-005 Controller is in a rugged, weather-resistant enclosure, enabling placement almost anywhere. It mounts near or onto the pipe or duct for accurate monitoring. It has a large, visible dial, allowing for easy & simple control of set points.

Here is a wiring diagram for illustration only*.

*Qualified personnel must perform installation in accordance with local codes and standards. A licensed electrician is recommended.