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How to switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit (or vice versa) on your 4iE thermostat

Is your 4iE showing a different temperature format from the one you use? Follow the easy steps below to edit your settings to your proper temperature format.

From the unit

To start press the lock button on your thermostat screen if it’s present or the 3 lines that open your main menu. Once on the main menu select “Settings”, then “Heating preference” and finally “Temperature format”. On this page use the provided arrows to move to correct format and then lock the change in by pressing “Accept” in the bottom right corner.

Here is a video showing how: Subscribe to our YouTube channel here.


WiFi Thermostats

To edit this setting via WiFi you must use a computer. This cannot be done from a mobile device, the MyHeating application or the physical device itself if you are connected to WiFi.

To start, visit https://my.warmup.com/login and logging into your My Heating account. Select the human outline icon at the top of the page to display your “Personal Details”. Scroll to “My Locations” and select the gear by the location that you’d like to edit. Scroll to the bottom of the page that you are directed to and select “Edit Room”. This will bring you to a page with “Edit Location” at the top. Below this you will see a drop down for temperature format. Select your desired format from the menu and then select “update location”.

Please allow 2 minutes for your 4iE to reflect this change.


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