Warmup PRO

Launching Summer 2024

Warmup PRO

What is Warmup PRO?

Warmup PRO is a platform for electricians, plumbers, builders, flooring specialists and other trade professionals who want to improve their knowledge of underfloor heating. By completing Warmup PRO training courses, you will receive:


✔ Underfloor heating installation training from the experts at Warmup

✔ Better guarantees and services to make your work easier

✔ Access to more jobs through the Warmup PRO referral program

✔ Direct communication with Warmup to share your ideas


The Warmup PRO program is structured to deliver informative training modules, categorized into three proficiency levels. Throughout these levels, participants will dive into:


✔ Level 1: The Basics of Heating & Warmup Products

✔ Level 2: Advanced Product Knowledge, System Design, & Installation Tips

✔ Level 3: Finding Breaks in a Wire, Repairing Wires, & The Difference Between The Types of Cable Testers

Advancing through each level unlocks exclusive benefits and rewards. After successfully completing all three levels, you will become a Qualified Warmup PRO Installer.


Discover exclusive advantages only available to Warmup PRO course takers:


✔ Extra Safety Nets

Extended Warranties

Labor Warranties

& more



Earn exclusive Warmup PRO rewards for progressing through the program:

✔ Branded Hats

✔ Branded Clothing

✔ Tools for the Job Site

& more

Technical Information

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