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3iE Making Temporary Temperature Adjustments

Your 3iE allows the ability to temporarily change the floor temperature setting for a specific period of time. You will first need to “wake” your thermostat by touching the checkmark on the front screen. Notice that above the up and down arrows you see “override.” Touch either arrow to begin adjusting the target temperature that currently appears.

“Warm” and “Cool” now appears above the arrows. Touch the appropriate arrow based on the temporary setting you want. The screen will also indicate that the temperature setting will be in effect till your next pre-programmed setting. In the example below, you would be increasing the floor temp to reach 77⁰ till your next period which might be later on that night with the temperature already set for 70⁰ or some other number. If this is what you want, just touch the check mark below “ok” to save. If at any point you want to cancel that setting, just touch the X below “cancel.”

You also have the option of setting a temperature override for a specific amount of time. Again, you initiate this by first waking your 3iE and then touching one of the arrows to begin setting your desired temporary temperature. This time, once you have the temperature you want, touch the dash next to “set specific hold time.” From there you will use the arrows to set how long you want the new setting to last and touch arrow under ok to confirm. Pressing the x under cancel (which will appear on your screen for the duration of your override setting) at any point immediately reverts your thermostat to your original settings.


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