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What are the electrical requirements for my Warmup system?

Warmup recommends your floor heating system to be placed on a dedicated 20 amp circuit, to power your heating system.

If your electrical panel does not have room for a dedicated circuit, you must make sure that the existing circuit breaker can handle the additional load required to power the floor heating system(s). Your electrician will be able to make this determination and offer power options.

Please verify that the circuit can handle the amount of amperage your heating system requires.  Your thermostat can only handle up to 15 amps. So if you are connecting multiple heaters to one thermostat location, you may need to use a relay and a larger breaker. You can find out the amperage rating of your specific floor heater in installation manual or printed on the box.

Please note that Warmup thermostats are dual voltage. However, this does not mean you can supply any voltage to your heating system. You must supply the voltage supplied to the voltage of your specific heater.

Ensure that you have electrical provisions to run the heating system at 120VAC or 240VAC depending on the system being installed.  In addition, you can tell which voltage your system requires by the colors of the wires coming from the lead. Black and Red is 240V and Black and Yellow is 120V

Contact your reseller/installer for details regarding your particular configuration.


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