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Pipe Freeze Protection

Warmup cables can be applied to metal, PVC and ceramic pipes, sprinkler systems and sewer drains.

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Pipe Freeze Protection

In cold climates, it is necessary to plan ahead to ensure that pipes, sprinkler systems, and sewer drains do not freeze. Warmup self-regulating cable is a perfect solution for these applications because it regulates its output depending on the ambient temperature, making it more energy-efficient to run. Warmup self-regulating cable is well suited for both residential and industrial applications and can be installed indoors and out.

How does Pipe Freeze Protection Work?

Warmup pipe freeze protection cables are simply applied to the pipe using a suitable fiberglass wrap. The cables are constructed of a self-regulating polymer core that varies its output along its entire length. The self-regulating cable is ideal for pipes freeze protection applications, as it regulates its output depending on the ambient temperature, making it more energy-efficient to run.

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Pipe Freeze Protection

Warmup NAMSR cables are designed for use in residential and commercial construction projects. Sprinkler lines, sewer pipes and A/C drains are all typical applications. Warmup cables are approved for dry and wet locations and suitable for non-hazardous locations.

Plug-In Kits

Warmup self-regulating cables are available in pre-terminated plug-in kits for easy installation. The kits are available in 6, 12, 18, 24, 50, 75 and 100-foot lengths and include a factory sealed power connection with 30-inch power cord and plug and a factory sealed end termination.


Warmup self-regulating cable is available for purchase in 250′ or 1,000′ spool lengths. Spools come in outputs of 3,5, or 8 watts per linear foot. These spools can be used with our accessories to easily custom-fit the cable at the job site.

Pipe Freeze Protection Installation

Installing Warmup pipe freeze protection is as easy as securing the cable to the surface you’d like to keep thawed. Follwoing the NAMSR-PIPE – instructions, you will determine the amount of cable needed based on the pipe type and size. Always be careful to ensure the cable you are installing has not been compromised. Nicks or cuts in the cable should not be present. To confirm your cable has not been compromised, it should be tested with a megohmmeter.

Warmup Tip: If your selected cable length is longer than your pipe length, spiral the cable evenly along the length of pipe.

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Due to the nature of self-regulating cable, a majority of pipe freeze protection projects are installed using just a plug and 120 vac ground fault circuit protected outlet. For applications where you’d like a temperature sensor, the TF 115-005 is recommended by Warmup. The TF115 is a simple on/off controller activated below a certain pre-set temperature. Below that temperature, it turns on, and once the weather warms up, it turns off. For under $200 it is the safest and simplest solution to control up to 500ft of cable.

In more advanced situations or commercial applications, this timer panel with a 252A capacity can be operated manually as a timer, or combined with optional sensors. It has a load capacity of 2x63A/4 pole. The WSM-63 provides an all-in-one solution to control pipe protection systems


Warmup self-regulating cables start at $103. Depending on the size of your project you may require one or more pre-terminated kits or an entire spool.

Outdoor controls for roof and gutter projects start at $195.50. All Warmup materials are approved for use in the US and Canada and should be installed by a qualified installer. While Warmup does not offer installation, we do offer sales and technical support by phone and online 24/7.

Pipe freezing can cause serious irreversible damage to your home or business. If you live in a cold climate it’s best to plan ahead with Warmup to prevent costly damages.

Code Description
TAPE-AL Aluminum foil tape for self-regulating cable. Sold in 180ft roll
NAM-POWER-KIT Power connection kit for self-regulated cable. Includes 2 warning labels
NAM-SPLICE-KIT Spice/Tee kit for self-regulated cable
NAM-END-KIT End Seal Kit for Self-Regulating Cable
CRDS-15-GFI 6ft lead with GFCI 3-prong molded plug, NEMA 5-15, 15 amp, 14/3
SPEEDFIT-SPLICE In-line splicing box for fast and weathertight connections in the field
SPEEDFIT-TEE 3-Way T-Splice box for fast and weathertight connections in the field

Self-Regulating Cable – 120V 250ft Spools

Length (ft) Code Watts Volts
250 NAMSR-3W-120-250 3/in 120
250 NAMSR-5W-120-250 5/in 120
250 NAMSR-8W-120-250 8/in 120

Self-Regulating Cable – 240V 250ft Spools

Length (ft) Code Watts Volts
250 NAMSR-3W-240-250 3/in 240
250 NAMSR-5W-240-250 5/in 240
250 NAMSR-8W-240-250 8/in 240

Self-Regulating Cable – 120V 1000ft Spools

Length (ft) Code Watts Volts
1000 NAMSR-3W-120-1000 3/in 120
1000 NAMSR-5W-120-1000 5/in 120
1000 NAMSR-8W-120-1000 8/in 120

Self-Regulating Cable – 240V 1000ft Spools

Length (ft) Code Watts Volts
1000 NAMSR-3W-240-1000 3/in 240
1000 NAMSR-5W-240-1000 5/in 240
1000 NAMSR-8W-240-1000 8/in 240

Self-Regulating Cable – Kits

Length (ft) Code Watts Volts
6 NAMSRK-6FT with plug 5/lin 120
12 NAMSRK-12FT with plug 5/lin 120
18 NAMSRK-18FT with plug 5/lin 120
24 NAMSRK-24FT with plug 5/lin 120
50 NAMSRK-50FT with plug 5/lin 120
75 NAMSRK-75FT with plug 5/lin 120
100 NAMSRK-100FT with plug 5/lin 120
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