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Specialized installation – under Nailed Hardwood

Read the step-by-step instructions or watch the video (scroll down).

Step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Install wood sleepers
Using wood strips ¾” thick and 1” to 2” wide, install strips at 12” to 16” intervals when using Warmup Loose Wire Heating System (NADWS). Install strips at 20” intervals when using Warmup Heating Mat System (NADWM). Leave a 2” gap at alternate ends of strips for heating wires to cross from one section to the next.

Step 2: Install fixing strips
Using hot glue, nails or screws, secure the strips to the floor with a minimum of 3” away from the walls and permanent fixtures.

Step 3: Install heating system
Starting at the closest point on the floor to the thermostat, tape the joint to the subfloor and keep pulling the cable out of the reel box. Lace the heating cable on the fixing strip and run it back and forth in parallel to the wood sleepers until all the sections are covered and the cable ends.

installation under wood floors

Step 4: Install the floor probe
Place the probe wire containing the capped sensor evenly between two runs of heating cables at least 12” from the wall into the heated area. At no time should the probe wire cross the heating cable.

Step 5: Embed heating system using leveling compound
When the heating system is completely installed, apply a mixture of leveling compound* over the entire heating system up to the level of the top of the sleepers.

Step 6: Install hardwood flooring
When leveling compound has cured, hardwood flooring may be installed by nailing into wood sleepers only. Caution must be taken not to place nails near heating wires, floor probe wire or power wires.

*Leveling compounds/thin-set/adhesive MUST contain latex compounds and capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 140°F (60°C) when used with underfloor electric heat systems. Visit warmup.ca or warmup.com or contact our 24/7 Technical Support for more information.

NOTE: Thermostat MUST be programmed to a maximum of 81°F (26.5°C) to avoid the wood drying out or warping. The thermostat must be regulated by a floor probe positioned between the heating cable within the installation. The Warmup 3IE does this automatically when selecting Wood Floors in the menu.

Watch the video:

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